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Frequently Asked Questions

When do Walk and Talks take place?

Every Saturday at 10.30am – come rain or shine.

Where do you Walk and Talk?

All the locations of Walk and Talks we are aware of can be found here:

Do Walk and Talks take place every Saturday at 10.30am?

Yes we believe Walk and Talks should take place every Saturday whatever the weather. This means you can turn up whichever week you want, as many times as you want and you know other members of the community will be there and everybody is welcome.

How do I find a Walk and Talk?

Do I need to book or reserve a place?

Are Walk and Talks free?

Yes Walk and Talks are free, fun and friendly.

How long are Walk and Talks?

Typically Walk and Talks may last 45 minutes to an hour and cover a few miles in local green spaces.

However, there are no hard and fast rules as Walk and Talks can vary each week depending on the wishes of individual groups and if any fun routes or activities have been planned by the community.

What pace are the Walk and Talks?

You can Walk and Talk at any pace you are comfortable with. Most Walk and Talks are more of an amble rather than a ramble – with the talking part equally as important as the walking. You can walk for as short a distance as you like or complete the whole Walk and Talk. Our friendly Walk and Talks are user led – so that anybody and everybody can enjoy them. 

Is everybody welcome?

The whole community is welcome to join the Walk and Talks every week, whatever age and ability. Pets are also welcome.

There are just a few sensible ground rules so that everybody can enjoy the Walk and Talks together. 

Under 18 year olds, children or vulnerable adults are the responsibility of their parents, guardians or carers and need to be accompanied at all times. Pets are the responsibility of their owners, and should be accompanied by, and looked after by, their owners at all times.

It is also important to say Walkers and Talkers are their own responsibility and do so at their own risk.

Who runs the Walk and Talks?

Walk and Talks are organised and run by community volunteers. In other words every Walk and Talk is an independent group, led by the local community for the local community.

The Walk and Talk Movement’s mission is to inspire Walk and Talk groups and provide encouragement and guidance. 

Are there different routes and activities on Walk and Talks each week?

Local community led Walk and Talks often go on different routes on different weeks – it depends on the group and what they want to do together. 

Some Walk and Talks also get involved from time to time in fun local activities and team up with local organisations and experts to join the Walk and Talks.

Any route and activities are up to local Walk and Talk groups and Walker and Talkers.

Individual Walk and Talk groups may promote what they are doing on their own social media pages so it is worth finding out if your group has set these up and how to access these if you wish to and are comfortable with this (being mindful of social media sites’ terms and conditions of usage).

Can you contact me directly or ring me to tell me about local Walk and Talks and activities?

Sorry The Walk and Talk Movement’s policy is not to use or share personal details of individual Walker and Talkers. Be rest assured you should always get a warm welcome when you turn up for a Walk and Talk. 

Can I volunteer to help a local Walk and Talk?

That would be amazing. If you attend a Walk and Talk simply speak to one of the organisers and they would be delighted to tell you more. Volunteering is fun, easy and really rewarding.

Can I set up a new Walk and Talk in my local area?

Yes Yes Yes. The Walk and Talk Movement would love to talk to you about this. Our mission is to inspire, encourage and guide new Walk and Talks across the UK and to help local communities to become happier and healthier together. 

Please fill in the very simple and easy Application Form and we will be in touch to help.

What do we do in the unlikely event that somebody is injured, or something else goes wrong?

Please contact your local Walk and Talk organisers. You can also review some guidance here.

The community led nature of Walk and Talks and the fact that Walkers and Talkers look after each other and Walk and Talk at their own pace means that any issues are very rare. 

In other words Walk and Talks really do have a feel good factor!

So come on, take that first step.