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Why Walk and Talk

Walk and Talks are a very easy, laid back, friendly and supportive way for anybody and everybody in the community to come together each week.
This simple approach really works – and has already made such a huge impact on the health and happiness of so many people and communities.

The Walk and Talk Movement – Growing Impact Every Week

You told us walk and talks*

*Base on a sample survey of walkers and talkers in May and June 2023.

Walk and Talks have created a very significant impact across the community.

Here are some lovely quotes from Walkers and Talkers that sum up why so many people enjoy Walk and Talks

Just some of the things they tell us each week

Here are just some of the great benefits of Walk and Talks

Friendly Faces

Walk and Talks and designed to give everybody a warm and friendly welcome. All ages, all backgrounds, all abilities. They are all about putting so many smiles on so many faces every week in a relaxed and mutually beneficial way. Living well together.

New Connections

Helping people feel connected and valued, promoting equality and inclusion, promoting multi-generational connections and giving people a real sense of wellbeing.

Making the Most of Lovely Green Spaces Around Us

The Walk and Talk Movement is all about making the most of green spaces. German scientists in 2022 found that a one-hour walk through nature lowers stress – which comes as no surprise to us! Every Walk and Talk we go on is an opportunity to observe the seasons changing and to slow down and take note of the wildlife around us.

Improving Physical Health

Supporting and improving physical health through friendly, supportive and welcoming exercise in local green spaces.

Supporting Mental Health

Supporting and improving mental health by reducing isolation, building communication opportunities and informal support networks, as well as connecting to and using green spaces.

Building Community

Promoting, encouraging and supporting vital social and networks – across all of the community.

We Are All In This Together

Creating a friendly, safe and inclusive environment to drive important, growing and lasting social impact.

So come join in – it’s very easy, relaxed and fun

The benefits of walking and talking

The benefits of walking and talking together are backed up by a wealth of research and evidence that shows that something so simple and fun can create such a positive impact:

  • The health benefits of walking range from reducing risk of cardiovascular disease to improving cognition and mood.
  • As little as just under 4,000 steps a day can reduce the risk of dying from all causes.
  • Walking can reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, increase energy levels and help with sleep.
  • Loneliness and isolation affects millions in the UK alone and can be worse for health than smoking – and walking and talking with others helps people regularly connect with their local community.

In other words Walk and Talks really do have a feel good factor!

So come on, take that first step.