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The Walk and Talk Movement is so happy to announce the next stage of its development as it becomes a national movement with a mission to inspire walking and talking across the UK.

After running more than 300 walk and talks across South West London Merton, for more than 5,000 participants, we are proud that these walk and talks will now be run by the community for the community.

Embedding these walk and talks in the community will create sustainable impact in a similar model to other successful community led initiatives like parkrun.

Walkers and talkers have already made more than 20 million steps together, walking over 11,000 miles. Or in other words they have walked the same distance as London to Sydney!

The weekly walk and talks are loved by the community, with 97% of attendees saying they would recommend walk and talks to friends and neighbours.

You can find out more about the current community walk and talks that take place every Saturday at 10.30am here:

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Merton Council for supporting The Walk and Talk Movement and helping inspire a national movement.

The community walk and talks will continue to play an important ongoing part of the Council’s ambition to become London’s Borough of Sport, with walk and talks representing a free, fun and popular way for residents to get active.

The next step for The Walk and Talk Movement will be to inspire hundreds of communities, and hundreds of thousands of people, across the UK to walk and talk together in their own local green spaces.

If you want to set up a great walk and talk in your area please see our new Guidance section of our website:

….and e-mail us on