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Happy Birthday to our Mitcham and Morden Walkers and Talkers

Our Mitcham and Morden Walk and Talks are one year old! Hurrah.

We enjoyed some great celebrations (and some cracking cakes, cuppas and conversations) together in the sunshine.

Thanks all our great volunteers for making this, (and our walk and talks every week), such a special occasion

Our Walk and Talks are all about connecting local communities – in a laid back, friendly and welcoming way – and having a lot of fun in the process. We have so many stories about how a simple walk and talk together and a nice chat in a great green space can put a whole new complextion on life.

Now that is worth celebrating.

Join us every Saturday at 10.30am:

From the courtyard of the beautifully restored Canons House & Grounds – near the cricket green in Mitcham.

….or from the picnic area next to the Snuff Mill in Morden Hall Park – in the lovely National Trust grounds.

We may not be able to guarantee cake every week – but we can guarantee we will be there every week to welcome you and have a good chat.

….what an amazing cake for our Mitcham Walkers and Talkers…

….what a beautiful day and celebrations…

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