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It was a real pleasure to celebrate Tooting Common Walk and Talk’s one year birthday with the local community on 9th March.

A big shout out goes to Jane Tingle – who leads and organises the very successful Tooting Common Walk and Talk. Her commitment, dedication and passion has created and inspired a really strong group of regular walker and talkers – with new ones joining all the time. She has also been helped by eight lovely and friendly volunteers who are making a real difference to the community.

Together they have enjoyed lots of local activities, been entertained by great local experts, visited a range of interesting local sights and enjoyed the simple pleasure of being out and about in nature across all four seasons. This is what community led Walk and Talks are all about.

Here are just some of the regular Tooting Common walker and talkers…with plenty more joining the one year birthday celebration…and they even enjoyed a bit of birthday cake together….

Building on this success, Jane is now helping get another Wandsworth Walk and Talk off the ground in King George’s Park, SW18 – starting every Saturday at 10.30am from 20th April. This is part of a plan to help communities across the Borough become happier and healthier together. More details on this exciting launch are coming soon.

Now a traditional one year anniversary gift is paper….which is very apt as Jane and the Tooting Common Wandsworth Walk and Talk also recently won their own piece of important paper – a local commendation for outstanding service to the community.

Jane and the Tooting Common Walk and Talk are an example of how the community can come together to create something very special – for everybody, for all ages, for all backgrounds, for all abilities, for free. A positive impact done in a really positive way.

Now people like Jane have inspired us to help people around the UK set-up their own Walk and Talks. Watch this space as we are launching our new website soon with a wealth of free help, guidance and resources to support community led Walk and Talks every step of the way.

Thank you Jane, the Tooting Common volunteers and the local community. You make us very happy and proud.

Join the Tooting Common Walk and Talk every Saturday at 10.30am from the Tooting Bec Common Cafe, SW12 9HJ, just off Bedford Hill and immerse yourself in the local nature

…or find other free and fun community led Walk and Talks here…