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We had a lot of fun launching our first Wandsworth Walk and Talk from outside the cafe on Tooting Bec Common with the lovely Mayor of Wandsworth, our great local champion Jane and a fantastic crowd of walkers and talkers.

Walkers and Talkers of all ages from all across the local area came together to enjoy the fresh air, the great outdoors, nature on their doorstep and each other’s company.

So now come and join the community led Walk and Talks every Saturday at 10.30am from outside the Tooting Bec Common Cafe for free and fun walk and talk around the Tooting Commons – all ages, abilities and pets welcome.

There are lots of interesting places to see, things to do together and people to meet – and whatever the weather you are guaranteed a very warm welcome and a smile.

This is a chance for all generations to take a stroll, chat, meet friends and neighbours, make new friends and support each other. From older adults to young children, from buggies to beagles – everybody can join in.

Our Walk and Talks are inclusive, accessible, fun and friendly – so the whole community can take part and benefit. We will also link up with other local activities and groups to support the community. No booking, no reservations, just turn up and you will get a very warm welcome.

About The Tooting Common Walk and Talk

Walkers and Talkers meet every Saturday at 10.30am come rain or shine outside the Tooting Bec Common Cafe. (

Come and enjoy the rich flora, fauna and wildlife of the Tooting Commons. There are so many great walks around the local area…and here are some recent pictures we took of the local wildlife….including a woodpecker and a rather noisy goose up a tree (top left)!

…and discover some of the Tooting area’s fascinating history….

From pop stars to poets, suffragettes to soldiers, and novelists to nurses, Tooting Common and its surrounding streets have so many stories to tell…

We’ll be walking and talking, appreciating nature, visiting other local organisations, and finding out more about the notable people who have visited the Common in years gone by.


So what are you waiting for – join every Saturday for a free and fun community led walk and talk together.
About The Walk and Talk Movement

The Walk and Talk Movement ( is on a mission to bring communities together in a fun, healthy and engaging way.

Here are all of the current community led Walk and Talk locations: