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May is National Walking month and what better way to celebrate than the heartwarming feedback we have just received from the amazing Pollards Hill Walk and Talk group.

We were constantly told that a Walk and Talk wouldn’t work in Pollards Hill – as other local initiatives have failed. Do you know what we said? Nonsense! Walk and Talks are about local communities coming together for everybody’s benefit – and they can, and do, work anywhere.

So we wanted to let the brilliant feedback below, and the lovely responses from local residents, speak for themselves…

…and remember Walk and Talks don’t just take place in May – but every Saturday all year round at a growing number of locations  and if you want to create more lovely quotes like the ones below and help your local community click here to start a Walk and Talk. And a big shout out to the inspirational Dee and Mohan who have helped Pollards Hill Walk and Talk and the local community so much.