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Step into Xmas and the New Year – with more walking, talking smiles and laughter together

Dear Walk and Talk Supporters

2022 has been quite a year for The Walk and Talk Movement.

Here are just a few happy and healthy Walk and Talk achievements since we started bringing you all together for our weekly walk and talks:

3,500+ participants have walked and talked together
More than 650 of you lovely people walk and talk with us regularly
We have enjoyed more than 150 walk and talks together
We have walked more than 10,000km together

Of course The Walk and Talk Movement is not just about numbers, it is about stories and conversations. About changing lives for the better by being together as our video shows:

When we asked our community during the year what you liked about our walk and talks we were bowled over by the response. You told us walking and talking makes you happier, more connected, healthier, lifts your mood and puts smile on faces. That is exactly what we wanted to do every week and will continue to do for you all.

…and exciting news…in 2023 The Walk and Talk Movement’s goal is to double the walk and talks we run and the people we help…

To do this we have one simple New Year’s resolution we would love you to make. We want to grow our amazing pool of volunteers to make walk and talks sustainable over the long term and to enable us to start new walk and talks in even more green spaces and help even more people in our community…so our Christmas and New Year wish is for you to spread the word about volunteering with The Walk and Talk Movement…

Volunteering is very easy, means just a few hours a month, is really fun – in fact is a walk in the park!

Here our volunteer video that shows how easy and fun it is to volunteer for just a few hours a month:

Here is a link to showing the real benefits of volunteering with us and why it is a walk in the park to help us:

It would be wonderful if you could share these with your networks, friends, neighbours and colleagues. Anybody interested in volunteering can also e-mail us directly at

Thank you so much for your support – it is so valued and appreciated.

Let’s Walk and Talk – and step things up for the better, for your community, in 2023.

Lots of love and Happy Christmas and New Year Wishes from us all

Ali, Helen and Andy

…and remember we will be walking and talking every Saturday at all our locations at 10.30am on Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve and throughout 2023…