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A little can go a long way – and getting social really helps. These are the simple, yet remarkable conclusions of groundbreaking new research, which suggests that walking 4,000 steps a day can produce remarkable health benefits.

….or in other words a Walk and Talk on a Saturday is a real step in the right direction for your health and happiness…

The analysis of more than 226,000 people around the world showed 4,000 steps is enough to start reducing the risk of dying prematurely of any cause. Just over 2,300 is enough to benefit the heart and blood vessels…and the more you do, the more health benefits are seen, researchers said.

The team from the Medical University of Lodz in Poland and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in the US found the walking benefits applied to all genders and ages, regardless of where they lived.

Meanwhile after analysing data, including from the US Military Academy, scientists at Kean University highlighted that social interaction could be the key to becoming, and staying, more active.

When the less active interacted with those who exercised regularly, they felt encouraged, the researchers found. But those who were less social ended up exercising less.

So walking and talking together every week can encourage and spur people on to become more active – in a friendly and social way.

This research is really heartening to see and backs up a simple truth we see every week.

We are so busy having a good chat and a laugh, enjoying the outdoors together, embracing green spaces and nature, connecting with friends and neighbours – that we don’t even realise we are walking thousands of steps…

Actively having fun together is a great step forward for us all, for so many good reasons.

Join us every Saturday at 10.30am at any of our locations for a free, fun and friendly Walk and Talk together:

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