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Three simple and amazing things we learned from our first Wimbledon Park Walk and Talk

We had no idea what to expect when we set up The Walk and Talk Movement. Our simple mission was to try and bring the community together in their local green space to enjoy free, happy and healthy walks and to meet and connect with people after this terrible pandemic. Would anybody turn up? Would anybody enjoy the walks? We are so happy the answer was a resounding yes.

So what three simple and amazing things did we learn from our first Wimbledon Park Walk and Talk?

1. Simple connections have never been so important

Having good people and neighbours around you makes all the difference.

When some of our walkers and talkers realised they lived in the same street and now had somebody they could talk to and rely on if they needed help and support, it really summed up in a very human and lovely way why we wanted to do this and how community can make an important difference to anybody’s life.

2. Walking and talking can break down barriers

Modern life can be lonely and it is difficult to meet people, especially during Covid. One couple have lived in the local area for three years but had found it hard to meet people, even though they were very lovely and friendly, as they didn’t have a local school or community network. Now they do and we couldn’t be happier about that.

3. Our walkers and talkers make us proud

Our goal has been to make Wimbledon Park Walk and Talk accessible, welcoming, fun, open to all ages and abilities and to any pets and buggies. In other words everybody is welcome and that will always be the case. But at the same time we know it takes courage and commitment to take that first step, especially if you are coming on your own. So we are proud of those that did and so glad to say that all the walkers and talkers were brilliant, quickly and easily met others and had a lot of fun and a good old chat. So don’t be afraid to come along – you will fit right in. You don’t have anything to lose and everything to gain.

So here is to all our walkers and talkers – and to having the privilege of meeting them and enjoying their company.

Join us and them every Saturday at 10.30am outside the cafe in Wimbledon Park. See you – and your neighbours and community – there.