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The start of a New Year is a time of reflection, to take stock, to look forwards. That is why so many of us make New Year’s resolutions.

A recent survey by Forbes found the most popular New Year’s Resolutions for 2023 might sound very familiar:

  • Improved fitness (48%)
  • Improved finances (38%)
  • Improved mental health (36%)
  • Lose weight (34%)
  • Improved diet (32%)

Ring any bells? These sort of resolutions feature prominently every year. At the same time so many of our resolutions fall by the way side sooner rather than later. Research shows that almost half of us quit our resolutions by the end of January.

The reality is that in order to stick, resolutions should be achievable, not an insurmountable challenge. They should fit into your life, not be a burden….and let’s face it you are far more likely to keep a resolution if it is fun and enjoyable to achieve, not a chore or a grind.

That is where The Walk and Talk Movement comes in. We believe in the joys of walking and talking together. That is why we promote and encourage weekly walk and talks – run by the community for the community.

Walk and talks really are a very easy and enjoyable way anybody can become happier and healthier in 2024.

What do all of the community walk and talks have in common? They are free, fun, friendly, accessible to all and consistent. Anybody can turn up any week, and walk and talks always start at the same time and the same place.

So make it your resolution to come along to one of the community walk and talk locations any Saturday at 10.30am – and this won’t be a resolution you will want to break…

…and The Walk and Talk Movement has its own New Year’s Resolution that it is determined to keep…

We believe in the power of more communities to come together. To start their own new walk and talks in their local areas. To enjoy the company of friends and neighbours. To get happier and healthier together.

That is why in 2024 we are creating new walk and talk materials and resources to make it so easy, and fulfilling, to start a walk and talk anywhere in the country.

So if you want your New Year’s Resolution to be to help your local community and start a walk and talk in your local green space e-mail us at: and we are here to help.

It just remains to wish you all a Very Happy 2024 and let’s keep walking and talking together, whatever the New Year holds for you.