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When all is said and done the Walk and Talk Movement’s mission is very simple. To welcome. To spread happiness. To lift people. To connect. To put smiles on faces each week. To be together as a community.

So in our own small (and often spontaneous) way we are responding to something fundamental that has been changing in our fragmented modern society. Never has our mental health, as well as our physical health, been viewed as more important. It is no longer a taboo, but something that we all need to nurture – whoever we are.

That is why the theme of The WHO’s World Mental Health Day this week ‘Make mental health and wellbeing for all a global priority’.

…and that is why The Walk and Talk Movement is here week in week out – every Saturday at 10.30am in five locations for anybody and everybody in the community…

Just coming along, saying hello, having a chat or a few words, sharing a smile or a laugh – that is what can make more of a difference to you and the people around you than you would ever think. Meeting you all has certainly made the world of difference to us.

Join us in any of our locations any Saturday at 10.30am for a happy and healthy Walk and Talk: