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Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year – as American crooner Andy Williams famously sang.

….one of his other popular songs starts with the lyrics…You’re just too good to be true…

That sums up this time of year for so many people.

Christmas can be a wonderful time for many – a time for friends and family to gather together in celebration and love.

But for others Christmas is a difficult time. As the Mind charity points out there are many things that can affect people’s mental health at this time of the year. From finding Christmas stressful, to feeling alone, left out or frustrated when everyone else appears happy and having the ‘perfect’ Christmas.

A You Gov poll has previously suggested a quarter of the population finds Christmas more challenging than the rest of the year. Difficult memories, money worries, regrets about the past…Christmas is not all wrapped up in pretty paper and a big bow for so many of us.

That is why we know community walk and talks over the Christmas period are so important.

That so many people value the very simple, and very powerful, benefits of good company and cheer – and this can be the best present we can all give each other.

So here is to all our walkers and talkers – who by simply coming together will make such a difference.

You are lighting up Christmas for your commmunity.

Come and join a walk and talk this Christmas

Our Christmas Walk and Talk locations can be found on the link below – and you can join free, fun and welcoming local walk and talks on Saturday 23rd and the 30th December:

…and remember, walk and talks are not just for Christmas and are here for you all year round…